Frequently Asked Questions

Are you realtors or brokers?

No, we are not realtors or brokers.  We are a real estate investment company that buy houses in your area.  Because we are not agents/realtors, we don't charge any commissions to buy your house.

Does it matter what condition my house is in?

The condition of your house is not a problem. We buy houses in any condition.  This means that you do not have to spend money to make any repairs before you sell.  

Does it matter what situation I'm in?

Not really.  We have helped homeowners in difficult situations, such as those in divorce who need to sell fast, those who are headed to foreclosure, those who have inherited property they cannot afford to keep, etc.  We work with homeowners individually and explore possible options to resolve their situations. 

How soon can I receive an offer?

Once we obtain your information, including information about your house, it generally takes 24-48 hours to receive an offer from us.

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