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Scoping out the monstrosity of work to be done. 

Sherry - is that you getting your hands dirty?  [hardly :) ]

Selecting the right colors and hues is extremely important to each project. It can make a huge difference to the rehab.   

The highlight of last Winter 2017 was attending the Real Estate Wealth Expo in L.A. and listening to Magic, Pitbull, Suze Orman, and others share their journey to wealth, success, and happiness.

We checked out a home in Echo Park that was so full of 1920's character - it was like time-traveling!  Nice to see double ovens existed in the 20's. :)

For 2018, we partnered with Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) in their Hunger-Free Holiday Drive, benefitting precious disadvantaged hungry children and their families.   Thanks to Ron, Khalil, Mary, Akyhla, John, Bahia Marina Long Beach, and all who pitched in to make a difference!  Despite a less than 2-week goal, we did it!  Also, thanks to the folks at PBB who filled their bins as well!!